Our main goal is to enable our clients’ success long after our service engagement ends.

At the Omega project, we help our clients realize their top market potential and expand sales vision by a researching on strategy / marketing, improving an organization /unit / process, or providing a market entry consulting services. We combine strategic consultants with in-house experts to provide a full suite of services to our clients & also cooperating with a market survey and data companies to access various data sources.

Our own growing B2B top-level contacts in Asia total of 27000+ contacts.

Our pragmatic, data-driven approach sets us apart, as well as our focus on coaching executives and teams to build their digital expertise. 

Our Complete Solution for your business and management needs includes

    • Strategy and Management Consulting
    • Research and Insights, market analytics, Market entry research, Product matching
      • Local market surveys currently available for Thailand and Cambodia
    • Marketing outsourcing & management
    • Web development & eCommerce projects

as well as other complimentary services, helping your business grow internationally and improving your company performance on target markets


Marketing experts

Over the course of the years spent on the other side, we recognized that what business people need, is not only professional advice but high-impact, easy-to-implement, and affordable marketing solutions that are custom-built to suit their unique situations, requirements and capabilities. Through our expertise and experience we continue to building trusted mutually beneficial long-term relationships.


Management  professionals

Serving as the link between clients’ current situations and their immediate and long-term business objectives, we provide professional advice, help them to develop strategies and plans to achieve their objectives and, perhaps most important, accompany them through the implementation phase, providing total support and service, and bringing all of our capabilities to bear on their goal.


Your friends

If you find yourself in a situation where you could use an external resource like ours and people like us to assist and accompany you on your journey to positive change, we hope you will contact us. We will be delighted to discuss and explore with you the ways we can customize our wide range of services and solutions to productively focus on – and accomplish – your business and personal goals.

New business or market expansion

Business plan expertise, process assessment, efficiency analytics and optimisation. Market discovery (new countries).

Full range of marketing services

From target market research to a local website development and promotion. Multiple languages and all world countries/territories. Search engine optimisation (SEO).


Inclusive service

Everything, from a draft business plan expertise to local administrative task. Business registration assistance, ecommerce/web development, management support.

Full time support services

Full business support services, including legal assistance and marketing outsourcing.