We have completed a web-site reconstruction for PUGNATORIUS LTD, Bangkok based German lawyers office, directed by dr.Ulrich Eder. By utilizing multi-site WordPress features and double-language implementation on the sub-domains, English @ http://pugnatorius.com, Deutsch @ http://de.pugnatorius.com, we have meet all the customer requirements both in UX, onsite SEO. The web-site is now fully responsive for all mobile devices. At tрe request, we have setup redirection for visitors with Deutsch language, set as a primary in their devices, until they once switch website language again.

Now we are working on our international marketing contract with PUGNATORIUS LTD. Our goal is to reach prospect investors in Thailand. We’ll post information, once 1st month will be completed.

Development 70%
Design 80%
Marketing 90%