Here you can see a relaxed example of a luxury hotel website.

Websites that want to make a statement, pack a punch, or whatever other cliche you wish to use, then it must focus on the following six elements of web design:

  •  Responsive: This means that the website must be viewable across devices without losing functionality or breaking. No matter the screen size, the site will adjust accordingly and the online experience will be just as pleasing on a desktop as it is on mobile.
  • Superior UX: Understanding how a visitor naturally wants to navigate through a website and making that process easy are all hallmarks of good user experience. If it is difficult to find common pages or get to the booking engine to complete a purchase, it is likely that your potential customer could become frustrated and simply give up.
  • Storytelling: Does your website give a clear idea of what life will be like once a guest is on property? Does it explore possible itineraries or open the door for daydreaming? The more someone can picture themselves somewhere doing something they enjoy, the higher the chance they will buy a product or book a room.
  • Ease of Booking: Not much of an explanation is needed for this one. To put it bluntly, if a booking engine requires ANY extra steps beyond the basics of room type, guest name & email, and payment info, then it will not be effective. Simplify the booking process as much as possible for the largest return.
  • Added Value: Many hotels have jumped on the organic farm-to-table train, keeping gardens of their own and integrating their harvests in the property’s recipes. Other hotels have a coveted golf pro or bartender. Take advantage of what makes your brand special and milk it dry. Post regular blog updates or videos that bring some kind of added value to website visitors whether it deals with growing your own spice garden or perfecting your golf swing. This builds trust and starts conversation between you and your website visitors and keeps them coming back for more.
  • Visually Compelling: The best and most effective websites are the ones that entice the visitor to spend time exploring. Professional photography and video are both great mediums for storytelling, especially for hotels and resorts. It sets expectations for what guests should plan to experience when they are on property while also allowing themselves to picture themselves in a certain room, laying by that gorgeous infinity pool, or sipping a martini while admiring that fabulous view.
Example lexury resort / hotel website
Example lexury resort / hotel website