Marketing Outsourcing provides companies with a flexible and highly efficient alternative or complement to own marketing resources in accordance with their needs, requirements, and budgets. This way, they can access a higher quality and variety of marketing expertise, experience, and skills than they might be able to attract and employ on their own, while reducing overhead and headcount at the same time. Additionally, they can benefit from the use of marketing tools and technology that would be very expensive if not unaffordable if they had to buy them on their own.

Typically, small and medium-sized organizations that don’t have a formal, internal marketing set-up benefit from marketing outsourcing the most as it provides them with a level or market intelligence and marketing capabilities that they hardly could or would afford on their own. This way, small and medium-sized companies are having marketing quality and resources to call upon that otherwise would only be available to larger corporations, leveling the playing field.

Here are a number of different reasons why companies choose outsourcing digital marketing activities. The following scenarios may work:

  • You are a small company and you cannot yet afford to have a marketing team
  • You are a small company and your marketing team lacks specific skill-set and experience
  • You are a company that needs outside opinion on or advice for what you do
  • You are a company that deals with a specific project and you need extra assistance to handle that project
  • You are a company that has past failures and realizes it needs fresh new approaches for success

Some marketing activities that you can consider for outsourcing are the following:

Pros of outsourcing marketing activities

You get an experts in your team

You can either choose the everyday technology or the latest one. What will work best for you? Of course, the latest technology will provide you with wider opportunities. High-end professionals are the people who make use of the latest technology for marketing solutions. Hence, outsourcing to a digital marketing agency means that you are engaging a team of experts into your business.

Good specialists know how to implement newer strategies into the market as they have access to the latest tool packages to coordinate the process. For example, you may have a good writer in your team; however, an expert content writer who can generate a top-notch, SEO friendly and a well-researched article may be way more useful for your project.

Note that outsourcing is skill-set plus experience. While some may argue that a small company can also have high-end professionals, outsourcing will provide you not only with experts possessing the skill-set needed for your business, but also the experience that small company in-house marketers may lack.

You can expect high-quality results

With a marketing agency, you can expect the best results possible. And it’s not only about the expertise and the wide skill-set that their specialists possess; it’s also about their strong motivation to please the client. All good marketing agencies know that they can easily be replaced by better ones. Hence, most often than not, they are quality-oriented. Intensive competition in the industry is one of the benefits of outsourcing marketing. Online marketing agencies care about the quality they provide because most of them know about things like ”customer retention” or ”power of word of mouth”. Quality is not limited to marketing service quality only. Agencies must pay attention to customer service and communication quality as well which are not less important. If outsourcing in marketing increases, more agencies will be founded and so clients will have wider opportunities of choice.  

Outsourcing helps cut costs

According to the U. S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, salaries usually account for nearly 70% of an employee’s wage package. The remaining 30% includes the taxes and the benefits. Outsourcing a marketing firm will give you the opportunity of saving those 30%.

A long term outsourcing relationship with a marketing agency may be more effective for you than keeping a full time team of employees. This will also provide you with the flexibility to pay only for what you need.

For example, corporate bloggers and content writers charge a certain amount of money per article/post. If you need, say, 15 articles and 500 sharings in social media this month only, you will pay the content writer and the link building specialist once and that’s all. If you are not planning to post that many articles and to make that many sharings for the next month, then you will not have to pay anyone anything. Things will be different with employees who must be paid regardless you need 15 or 5 blog posts per month.

Less management, more output

As a startup, you typically fight for survival for the first 3 years of your business in 90% of cases. Hence, you need to focus more on what you offer as a product or service and leave marketing and similar stuff to people who are already experienced in it. Besides, by outsourcing marketing activities you free yourself from such managerial headaches as arranging day-offs, documenting sick days and fires, dealing with vacations, increasing employee motivation and so on.

Let us not forget about space availability. By outsourcing, you get more space in the office both physically and figuratively. For example, you can outsource overseas digital marketing and let your marketing department do the market research and analysis part only.

Outsiders are more objective than in-house employees

Outsiders almost always offer a fresh new perspective to the things you do. They are more objective than the insiders are and, accordingly, they may suggest more constructive criticism. Online marketing agencies will do their best (mainly) to show they are the most appropriate provider for your company. Let’s understand this looking at phenomenon called outsourcing marketing for small business. Digital marketing agencies usually have a team, consisting not solely of professionals. Content once written is not published immediately. At least 2-3 editors and/or proofreaders review it. Marketing strategies once worked out are not implemented immediately. Other team members, like quality assurance specialists try to make it better. All these stages are proof of objective approach. Can a startup afford to have such a big team? To be honest, even medium-sized companies may not afford.    

Outsourcing triggers more collaboration

Outsourced marketers will need answers to different project and company-related questions. Hence, several departments or team members will be involved in the question and answer sessions. Such sessions will increase the amount of collaboration between the departments and the teams within your company. Startups, where everything is newly established and where people hardly know each other, will benefit from such collaboration the most.

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