Arguably the most important market for international businesses today, online merchants are increasingly waking up to the opportunities brought by selling to Asia. The continent has become the world’s biggest e-commerce market and it is Chinese consumers in particular that are the driving force of today’s thriving online economy. In less than a decade, China’s growing middle classes have moved online and now nearly half of its 1.4 billion population is an

At the Omega Project we do carefully design UI both for mobile and desktop versions and this new project is about to be released utilizes last web development techniques and visual representation delivering superior quality both Desktop and Mobile users. The project is an open aggregator of luxury properties in Phuket (will be expanded to whole Thailand). It is a premium website designed for independent agents and agencies, but

We are proud to announce our new customer, The Siam Solution Insurance company, which is a digital aggregator and processor of various insurance products / services across the Kingdom of Thailand. We are working on these starting items for better marketing and engagement, as well we do provide an offline agent service in Koh Phuket: Website updates (mostly frontpage, below-the-fold and small updates to ease the process (and access to

We have completed a new project of e-commerce website for a Russian customer ( 15 product categories 6 billing methods Cloudflare / SSL searchable / comparable by a set of parameters Fully responsive / all screens – all devices PrestaShop + integrated WordPress  

At The Omega project, we do creating and executing complex Digital Marketing and services extension programs for various businesses, such as Cafe and Restaurants. But what if the company runs a business under franchise and cannot have it’s own web-site? We had some clues on how to use social media powers (with a set of aggregated apps connected) together with local (residential) marketing. In following, real-life example you can see

At The Omega Project we do offer an extensive solutions for jewellery e-commerce. We do both can create a webshop for you and help you with marketing. Please, visit our website to see more ( Do you have a knack for making handmade jewellery? Your friends and family already wear your pieces, but it might be time to expand this hobby into something more. And with all the handmade marketplaces

The Omega Project is Premium Digital Marketing company, operating in countries of APAC / Thailand. Below are the list of Marketing Ideas, which proven worked of Real Estate industry. I. YOUR WEBSITE Your website is the foundation for all of your digital marketing efforts. A joint study by Google and Loopnet has shown that almost 80% of tenants and investors search for commercial real estate online. This means your website is critical to gaining

The financial services industry is rife with challenges, making marketing in this field particularly delicate. Trust is a key component of any marketing relationship, but in financial services, clients are entrusting companies with their retirement savings, investments, and the like, and a person’s financial stability and future is not something to be taken lightly. At The Omega Project, we do deeply understand today’s market and customer requirements and expectations, based

The Omega project delivers the best experience to our customers, by maintaining high-quality plans for every project. All the customers’s task are grouped by resources and time, at any moment – there is an easy understanding, which works are under progress, and estimate completion dates. Attached data is a project made for AIMinlines company (Bangkok). Download full Microsoft project file – Download PDF

The Omega Project is a premium Digital marketing company, operation in Thailand and Worldwide. We have completed a new Chinese-language website for our customer, PUGNATORIUS LTD, the final version can be seen here This concludes our work for 4 language website – German, English, French, Chinese. Content translation was performed by professional translation services in Bangkok

Do You Need A Chinese Language On Business Website?