SPOTLIGHT ON: Carina Svensen Global Brand Director, Quorvus Collection, by Sharon Hirschowitz/ Luxury Hoteliers magazine The Omega Project is a premium digital marketing company in Thailand. We do promote and support business project within various business areas. Carina explores how luxury hospitality has become more experiential and the modern customer more diverse as she looks at the new definition of luxury. She examines today’s consumer and their constantly evolving search

The Omega Project is a digital marketing company in Thailand, specialising in premium marketing and advertising services. We do create professional websites: Luxury Insurance Medical / Health Car / bike dealer Industrial There are a number of mistakes commonly made by lawyers in designing and promoting their websites. The following is a list of the Top mistakes lawyers make with their websites and promotion – with the caveat that reviews

The Omega Project is a digital marketing firm, specialising in premium business services, such as: Targeted Marketing Legal, Health, Wealth Management, Hospitality, other competitive markets  Business web-sites and luxury shops construction The Mix Most of the wealth management firms have been behind the curve in terms of adopting digital marketing strategies, compared with firms in other agencies. According to Forrester Research, “Digital teams at financial services firms have been slower than

As digital marketing agency, the Omega Project, propose a variety of smart  promotion and ads services, including services for these markets: financial legal hospitality health and other industries. In this short article we are reviewing the most effective technics to market in this year. For more information, please visit our web-site @  The premium digital marketing segment in 2016 is under all the significant changes. The growth isn’t over, though

INVESTMENT IN SEARCH RAKING / SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING CAN GENERATE HIGH VOLUMES OF TRAFFIC FOR FINANCIAL SERVICES COMPANIES By analysing data on Google and Search partners, we have discovered a significant interest within a number of searches done from Thailand. The table at left shows upper top. By altogether about 100 commercial terms can be used to target exact prospects. View the full table here. At The Omega Project we

The Omega project team are on the 2nd month works with Danish medical equipment company, Sandman micro-dentistry. We have to do the following:

  Within second month of our global marketing program of Pugnatorius LTD legal company, the following natural results in organic search were achieved. With over 500 search terms rated, 20% are in the top10, including the highly competitive ones. Images are taken form live report (You can download a full copy here).  

  We have completed a web-site reconstruction for PUGNATORIUS LTD, Bangkok based German lawyers office, directed by dr.Ulrich Eder. By utilizing multi-site WordPress features and double-language implementation on the sub-domains, English @, Deutsch @, we have meet all the customer requirements both in UX, onsite SEO. The web-site is now fully responsive for all mobile devices. At tрe request, we have setup redirection for visitors with Deutsch language,