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Research buyers and consumers in Cambodia with a professional on-line panel that delivers: affordable, reliable online survey audience data to significantly improve research results.

It is time to move to a new way to keep up with the world’s fastest digital and internet movement with a first proprietary on-line panel in Cambodia!

Cambodia at glance

Total Population (for 2020) – 16,718,965
Yearly Population Change +1.41%
The median age – 25.6 years
Total Fertility Rate(TFR) – 2.5 (Live Births per Woman)
Live Expectancy (both sexes combined) – 70.5 years (life expectancy at birth)
Urban Population – 23.8 % (3,923,699 people in 2019)
Population density – 93 people per Km2
Largest Cities in Cambodia –  Phnom Penh – 1,573,544 residents / Takeo – 843,931 residents
Around the Nation – Online sampling

Marketing and survey research today is as broad in the subject areas it covers as it is complex. Even the simplest of market research studies require expert sample planning and questionnaire screening design. When doing surveys or online focus groups a market research company will leverage a market research panel management system to pre-target participants. It is essential to re-screen for certain responses as a best practice. Updating participants, particularly in the area of product usage and certain demographics that do change, is essential to panel health and data quality.

Market research data collection needs range from B2B audiences to healthcare matters and consumer products to public policy-related issues. It is critical that market research companies provide panels that offer recruitment balancing to a representative audience. It is equally important to profile the panel membership for attributes to target behaviors, preferences, ownership, other groups, and demographics.  All panel members, whether pre-targeted or not, are taken through questionnaire screeners blindly for study qualification.

Partnering with MRTS Consulting ltd (Cambodia) we provide a double opt-in online panel in Cambodia, recruited from multiple sources to be nationally representative and bias-free. Our market research panel is a pre-recruited group of respondents who have agreed to take part in market research projects: including quantitative research or qualitative: such as online surveys, in-depth interviews (IDIs), focus groups, discussion board or IHUTs.

Online consumer and B2B research panel in Cambodia

Conduct tracking studies, segmentation studies, conjoint studies, awareness & usage studies, customer experience, political polling, and much more.

Our clients:

  • Independent research practitioners,
  • Global brands, and Media companies
  • Advertising and Marketing agencies,
  • Consulting organizations,
  • Academic institutions,
  • Global market research companies,
  • Non-profits, and NGOs,
  • Retail brands, looking to expand their market,
  • Manufacturing companies,
  • Other businesses and institutions.

Our respondents are people nationwide from Cambodia, who explicitly opted to participate in our studies

We are in constant communication with our panel members, through invitation emails as well as through personalised thank you emails, thereby securing a high engagement rate.

What impact does this have for you? Swiftly gathered, relevant results.

Respondents are randomly selected for our studies, in order to assure a high representativity of the sample, while we make sure that the information collected is correct and trustworthy. We take great care in making sure that our Panel members:

  • Receive questionnaires covering a variety of areas while avoiding similar studies with repetitive answers.
  • Do not transform into “professional respondents” (or people who adapt their answers to qualify for a study instead of providing relevant and honest opinions).
  • Are people with different interests, as is the population – made up of consumers with options and different preferences.

Our panel is growing day by day, thanks to members’ recommendations and through participation in new studies, be it quantitative or qualitative. Our panel members are invited to take part in studies regarding consumer usage, attitudes and interests (UAI), concept and product testing as well as focus groups, online communities and more.

Demographics data of our Consumer Panel

The members of our Panel are filtered according to several variables that allow us to access the exact profile that you looking for in a respondent. The information is collected initially at the recruitment stage, and is then periodically updated:

 Area of residence
 Professional level
 Civil status

This is only the standard data we collect, our capabilities are unlimited. This means that we can find exact customer profiles and segment them according to your needs (car ownership, mobile phone ownership, what kind of food they like, etc.).

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