The prices below are incomplete and should be confirmed  with a  customer, depending on the task specifics. Please contact us with details of your project, to get a pricing estimation. 

We do accept following payment methods and currencies:

  • Wire transfer to bank of Thailand (USD, EUR, THB);
  • Paypal business account (USD, EUR, THB, RUR);
  • Bitcoins (BTC);
  • Western union transfers (USD, EUR);
  • Webmoney payments (USD, EUR, RUR);
  • Wire transfer to bank of Russia – for businesses only (RUR).

Startup consultancy and expertise
Monthly. General startup consultancy services - minimal package.

from $500

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Marketing outsourcing
Monthly. We take care of your business marketing.

from $350

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SEO package
Monthly. Starter SEO package. Include on-site works/optimisation for up to 20 keywords. Weekly reporting.
e-Commerce website construction
One-time. Most of the basic shopping functionality, does not include price list /images processing.

from $500

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Website support services
Monthly. 24*7 website monitoring, content updates, CMS updates, other works.

from $200

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Setting up a corporate Terminal server
One time. Installation/setup fee - per server (up to 20 users). Remote access (RDP) from internet. other branches. Secure channel.


Project advisory
Monthly. Project advisory, supervision and expertise.

from $1500

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IT tech support
Monthly. A corporate IT infrastructure remote tech support. Price includes service for up to 10 devices.

from $500

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Premium marketing package
Monthly. Includes SEO, ads campaigns, website content updates and weekly ranking reports.

from $2000

Business/corporate website
One-time. Basic full featured website with a custom design and functionality.

from $600

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General server administration
Monthly. Administration of a general purpose server (VPS, dedicated). Per server.

from $100