Project advisoryWe help our clients in driving value from projects. Organisations are rightly expecting a measurable return on their change projects, yet we know from recent research (the CSC Index/AMA Survey) that 41% of change projects fail – and, of the 59% that ‘succeed’, only half meet the expectations of senior management.

Against this backdrop, organisations need the capability to deliver the right projects at the right time – and close down those that no longer add value. As a trusted independent adviser, clients rely on our expertise to help them organise, deliver and assess projects to achieve these objectives.

Potential issues

  • You have to establish the control and co-ordination activities required to manage projects successfully;
  • You rely heavily on vendors to deliver your projects;
  • You want advice on how to get successful projects to support your business strategy – on time and to budget;
  • You want to develop tools and templates to support projects and achieve successful outcomes;
  • You want to stop project success being endangered by uncertainty around how to manage stakeholders impacted by change;
  • You wish to ensure that project business benefits and performance improvements are achieved throughout the project’s lifecycle and beyond.

How we can help you

At Omega we can:

  • Advise on key vendor management and monitoring activities;
  • Advise on portfolio management – aligning projects to business strategy;
  • Advise on stakeholder management;
  • Perform program management maturity assessments;
  • Provide an objective, independent view of your projects;
  • Provide project management expertise in either a lead or support role;
  • Provide project marketing expertise;
  • Provide project office expertise in either a lead or support role;
  • Project definition & planning;
  • Project strategy;
  • Procurement & contracts;
  • Consultant selection;
  • Delivery oversight;
  • Project monitoring & reporting;
  • Compliance reviews;
  • Project ‘health check’;
  • Distressed project appraisal and advice.

Benefits include

  • cost reduction through reallocation of resources towards more productive project;
  • evaluation of the effectiveness of project management controls for senior management or external parties (e.g. regulators);
  • continuous alignment of products, programme, projects with overall business goals;
  • proactive advice on how to enhance processes and controls;
  • validation and verification of contractor deliverables by leveraging the qualifications of our Omega subject matter experts.

Supporting a successful implementation project

Project advisoryEnterprise wide technology projects have become a way of life for organisations. Many companies are now partnering with external solution providers to deliver services that are beyond their capabilities.

While these projects can bring substantial benefits, they can become disruptive and costly; dominating time and resources and affecting core business activities.

Large scale programmes and projects are complex and place new demands on an organisation. If not properly managed, they often result in significant business and financial risks.

To ensure success with their projects, organisations must:

  • define business requirements
  • determine the ‘fit’ of particular software solutions
  • choose the right vendors.

Download  a sample consulting contract template here (.docx, MS Word).